Fall/Winter 17/18

Nome Stagione

Looking and looking at ourselves, showing and showing ourselves, being and appearing: these are the dualisms that Andrès Caballero started questioning himself while creating the Collection Autumn/Winter 2015-16 of San Andrès Milano. The concept reflects the irony of modern culture in a very personal vision of elegance combined with a “Pop Art” interpretation and desire to take the center of the stage, almost irreverently expressing an hidden thought veiled by the mask that oneself wears, always trying to appear at their best at all times, where everything is allowed but where everything pass through tout de suite.

A heart which beats dancing with the colors dear to the designer who is transferring his mexican roots playing with silhouettes of the Seventies and where the vibrant atmosphere of Studio 54 of New York become the perfect
setting for this collection, which turns the attention to fox furs patchwork mixed with shades of fuchsia, royal blue, yellow, red and energetic gold, resulting in a firm proposal of femininity.
The coats are maxi with collar in fox and mink and confirm the soul of the brand by giving light to the lame dresses with short and medium heights, worn to look like an ornament.

The eye is kidnapped by graphics offering hearts multi faceted in double wool crepe, whispering as symbolizing the reality in which they are immersed and made with the colors of the collection. More over, the boucle wools and golden and bluette matlasse are unified in a as one with the fur also present in the shoes, not only as decoration but as a precise choice of style.
This is the party that you would never want to end, but when this happens it remains the sweet melancholy of the expectancy and the desire to start again.

Fall/Winter 15/16

The irony of modern culture is translated in a closely personal vision of elegance with a...

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