Andrès Caballero, Creative Director of the House, regards his woman from a private and intimate point of view. The feeling of love stems from introspective experiences, often divergent and leading to nostalgic memories. A romantic woman, born from a pure and immaculate ideal of beauty, like a rare desert flower longing for fleeting mental isolation in a crowded scenery.
Precious heart-shaped jewels transform into treasure chests cherishing these womens most intimate secrets: Stroili jewelry sets, designed by Andrès Caballero, winner of the 3rd edition of Stroili Loves Fashion. The heart, symbol of true love, the supreme virtue of the soul, becomes an object of profound celebratory and emotional significance.
Sky Blue, Bouganvillea Pink, Emerald Green and Black&White give life to the color palette of San Andrès Milano, which combines clean silhouettes, printed silks and full-bodied fabrics, while revealing unexpected undertones of a strong and assertive aesthetic: full, vibrant colors offset the introspective mood of the creative Manifesto of the House: cultural tradition, craftsmanship and elegance.
Precious fabrics, silk and translucent jacquards, manufactured in Como exclusively for the brand, mould the body by comfortably wrapping around the waist and effortlessly flowing with every movement and benefiting from by clever tailored cuts that distinguish the neo-­retro collection. Countless sparkles shine together through Swarovski crystals embroideries in the deep blue of a Mexican night to the sound of a slow love song.


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Ph. Holden Francesco Trucchia